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'More games' plugin for your Android Games

Hey guys, If you still dont have a 'More Games' feature for your Android games, you can try the free GamesChart plugin. Players will be able to browse other Android games in the chart, and if they click them, the Developer will get revenue.

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Developer Recap: Badim 2008-2011

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! As every Xmas eve I publish my report about the passing year. During last 4 years I had developed and/or released more than 40 games. Also few games on EyePhone - by myself and via others. Still I have only one portal and one blog. I was trying to launch other projects - like new portal, facebook-game-shop, some minor things - but in general they all had already failed or on the way to be closed =( Here are some Numbers: In total I was able to earn - $230,870. The first year it was - $40,468, the second - $28,329, the third - $76,734, the forth - $85,370. In average per month - $4800, or $7100 if consider only last year. Where: Licenses - money from selling exclusive/primary licenses, Ads - money from advertisements, Others - selling url-locks, non-exclusive, sources, Portal - money from ads on portal (there are other sources of income there, but they are all small and less than $100), Micro - money from micro-payments, Apple - earnings from AppleStore & MacStore. We have a new item in the list - Apple! I hope I`ll earn more with Apple next year. Micro - as I told you last year - will be less. It was predictable - there is no more portals left that accept games with Microtransactions. Game has to be super-hit like 'KingdomRush' or 'GemCraft' - but in general this kind of games can earn money via any kind of model =) Now about sad things - my expenses. Last years I spent almost nothing - just for paying for servers, additional art and music. This year I decided to hire external coders for routine job - porting games via licenses. It turned out as total failure =( reasons was obvious: - Managing and testing took away an incredible amount of time. - Chat. Unnecessary talk or questions. The fourth questions from code programmers took more time than the code itself. - In the beginning of the year I supposed to manage not alone, but it happened that I manage with 8 projecs at the same time and programming another 4. As a result, I failed some promises and led some people and companies. I plan to fix and restore my promises to February 2012. In total for 2011 I spend around $35k as payments to coders, servers and support, additional art and sounds, taxes. Game that generated more money per title to one person, still the same - EF:Conqest($13k). The most cool title - Red Storm($29k). What am I planning to do next year? In the first place to improve the quality of games - It has a positive impact on them after start. To do more games for AppleStore - and to do myself, not from other studious. To develop portal - to buy advertising, released my own games with с advertising of my portal. I am going to make a mini-conference only for indie-flash-developers and flash portal owners.(In Kaliningrad region, in May) To orient the game developing to multiplatform. Shortly, it`s the same plan as it was 2 years ago.=) Advertise:


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Thanksgiving Sale

Hello! In July we made a sale and it went great. So here is another Big Date and we sell if off again. As usually - all games for free for few days. Elite Games Ltd: Robots vs Zombies(iPhone/iPod/iPad) - HTD; Control Craft(iPhone/iPod/iPad) - RTS; Red Storm Defense(iPhone/iPod/iPad) - HTD; Red Storm for iPhone/iPod and iPad - Dual Stick Action.
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Game Release - Robots vs Zombies [iOS]

Now on iTunes! Took a while to fix all bugs and upgrade 'RS Defense' to it, but in proceed we fixed more then 200 bugs, added new kind of features, and had a great time. If you d like to try - this week is a best one to do it: pride reduced to minimum, and promo codes still avaible. NKYFMKT9HFWX, 9T6RAX3MH9AH, EP44MAJHK6EH,MHKWJ7MRHLKX, 9636FKLHYR3M, YP6XH6MNE9KX, A9XF4HFTEEE7, 6N7WYP6AH6H6, N6ATFY9LWJM6, XHFL3AMHFM6R.


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Code sharing: Filters - Bright, Saturation, Hue

If someone is looking for easy way to use class for filters - Bright, Saturation, Hue, here are my adaptation. Very easy to use: import badim.CFilters; CFilters.getHueFilter(180) - returns Hue filter with angle 180 and cache it. So requesting that filter again will be instant. But pay attention if you are going to animate via filter properties then you will have to make a copy of it first. But I usually always animating via filter instances - they already cached anyway =) Showcase - you can see my game - Red Storm:

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